Chalk Hands release their debut EP on Future Void Records 20 July 2017

We are very excited to announce our first release - the debut EP from Chalk Hands, available 25/08/17 on CD, cassette and digital download.

“Burrows & Other Hideouts” is the first offering from the Brighton-based screamo outfit since their inception earlier this year. After meeting within the city’s vibrant underground scene, the band was soon formed over a mutual passion for creating sincere and expressive music.

Effortlessly drifting between crushingly heavy and beautifully delicate, Chalk Hands combine intense post-rock soundscapes with desperate vocals. The result is a gripping blend of epic highs and devastating lows that the band rightfully describes as “loud, sad songs”.

Pick up a copy from here and find the band on Facebook here.

Burrows & Other Hideouts